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WHAT OTHERE ARE SAYING about "OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM" (From the Reviews): This #Bookbubbllle has excerpts from all 3 professional reviews I received for my literary, historical fiction novel of Biblical & Roman times:

Sunday, February 18, 2018

NEWS: I just re-published the entire 3-part edition of this Biblical Novel with WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan; It's completely revised and re-edited (following their editorial assessment) and with this beautiful new cover: I ordered an offset print order and it will be ready in 2 days, so I'm offering a pre-order sale: You can purchase a signed hard cover copy from me for only $16.99 +$3.00 S&H with credit card or PayPal via this secure PayPal link: Be sure to put your mailing address. I should recieve my copies by the 11th and send yours right out to you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also check out this novel's facebook page. AND it's hubpages hub.

Monday, October 9, 2017

WHY MY BIBLICAL NOVEL IS UNIQUE: Unlike "The Robe," "Ben Hur," or "The Silver Chalice", this novel poses no extra-Biblical miracles, but use fiction to point to truth. This novel is also unique because of its unique writing style combining poetry, straight dialogue and 1st person stream-of-consciousness narration with the 3rd person narrative. More reasons my Biblical novel is unique are: .A unique view as to who may have been behind the insurrection against Pilate .A historical anachronism: The attribution of non-conformity to two of the characters .It points to the crucifixion of Jesus as the focal point and most significant event. 'The conversion of some of the main characters, through seeing the truth.

Friday, May 19, 2017

SYNOPSIS of "OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM" BY THE AUTHOR: ------------------------------------------------ Step back to Ancient Palistine, and ask: What could a cynical, non-conformist dry-goods salesman, a disgruntled blacksmith, and a musing mendicant all have in common? The answer: Down deep, they all seek something better. The non-conformist, Manaheem, Herod’s foster brother, helps Herod foment an insurrection against Pontius Pilate, using the blacksmith, Barabbas, as insurrection leader, to the dismay of Barabbas' Godly but fearful wife. The mendicant, a young man named Timotheus, joins with an older mendicant completely unsympathetic to his musings. Meanwhile, Pontius Pilate’s wife pushes him to take over Herod’s territory. Manaheem re-unites with his former wife, Claressa. In need of more money, after much soul searching, he tries twice to blackmail Herod, losing Claressa in the process. Will he win her back? Barabbas, also in need of more money, turns to robbery, enlisting the aid of the two beggars. Timotheus hesitates and almost turns back, but then decides to go along. Will the result be riches or disaster? Does redemption lie ahead, and at what cost to those who find it?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Here's an excerpt from Part I, Chapter 1, showing Barabbas' great hatred for the Romans and his first encounter with Manaheem.